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Use These Thousand Dollar Sales Questions To Unstick Stalled Sales

Let’s face it. Whether you like sales, or dread it; rock it or botch it, your sales success drives everything in your business and personal life.

The stores where you shop, your vacation destinations, your kids’ schools, your loved ones’ gifts, even your self-esteem, all directly link to your sales success and the amount of money you bank. Wouldn’t it be critical to close as many of your deals as possible?

Of course, nobody intentionally loses deals…and when prospective clients stop returning your calls, and you’re tired of tossing files into the “Prospective Client Graveyard/Trashbin,” it’s time to see if your sales process can be overhauled.

Whenever I’ve lost a deal, it’s been because of the questions I failed to ask in the discovery phase.  Questions are the “juice” that differentiates you from other suppliers.  They foster trust.  They gain you entry to your client’s inner sanctum.  Imagine yourself leaning in while they say, “Well…this is confidential, but I’ll tell you anyway.”

I didn’t grow up automatically asking powerful questions.  Years of study and trial and error helped me master the skill.  If you’d like to rev up your sales questions, here are five of my favorite Thousand Dollar Sales Questions.  Use these during your next sales conversation:

1) Build on what your prospect just said. “You said X was an issue.  Could you tell me more about the problems it’s causing?”

2) Mention trends.  “ I know that X has had a tremendous impact in the widget industry.  What’s changed in your business since X happened? “

3) Gauge sense of urgency. “What would need to happen between now and then for you to decide what to do?”

4) Encourage imagination.  “If you had no limitations, what would you change about X right now?”

5) Visualize success.  “Let’s fast forward, and this project is now complete.  What would total success look like to you?”

Let me know how these questions work for you!

Casey Carpenter, The Sales Confidence Mentor, boosts sales presentation and strategy skills to improve sales results.  E mail: casey@sellingsociably.com.  Visit www.salescall911.com to download the free book, “3 Simple Steps to Win the Sale, Even When You’re Scared of Selling.”


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