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The Power Of Giving Back

Giving backSmall business owners find themselves trying to find more hours in the day and don’t really have any room on their already-full plates. But many find it is worth carving out some time and resources for giving back to the community. Getting involved in non-profits, your local chamber or local government is a creative way of putting your business out there while helping the community. You can sponsor, organize or participate in an event. Any way you do it, you can make a real difference while generating visibility, positive word of mouth and goodwill.

I am involved in several organizations in this way. I am or have been on boards of several non-profits and I have been a very active participant in all of them. I have found this strategy to be a huge benefit to my business and here’s how:
  • Being active in organizations brings a high level of visibility to you and your business.
  • This type of commitment distinguishes yourself from your competitors. You will be remembered because of your involvement.
  • People see you in action and it helps build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive person.
  • You will be considered a social responsible business, a plus in many people’s eyes. People like to see businesses making the world a better place.
  • It builds relationships within your community whether that is your town, your Chamber or other cohort that you identify yourself with.
  • It helps to surround yourself with positive, influential people.
  • You personally benefit because a deep level of involvement provides a profound sense of satisfaction.
  • Strong friendships tend to form because you are working with people like yourself who are dedicated to a cause.
Get involved and see what a positive impact it will have on your business.


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