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I always thought it was very interesting how right after the new year all classes at the Y are packed with people that decided to lose weight as their main “new years’ resolution”, but how that number will diminish as the weeks go on, and by the beginning of February we get back to our regular number of participants in each class. Why is it that people have such a difficult time sustaining their “new years’ resolution” of losing weight? Because they don’t understand that this is not just a simple goal, it’s a big lifestyle change.

There is a billion dollar industry of miracle diets and crazy exercise programs that might work fast but their results are not lasting. These companies keep making money with yo-yo diets, because people keep buying magical shakes, dangerous diet pills, DVDs of insane workout pro-grams that can cause injuries. The “weight loss industry” benefits financially from people’s fail-ures. Also a few months before the summer most people become obsessed with getting a beach body to be ready for the summer, but because they don’t understand that it takes months of work and discipline to sculpt a fit body, they are also taken advantage of with promising pro-grams and nutritional plans that cost hundreds of dollars.

Here, at the YMCA of Montclair we approach this issue in a different way. Losing weight and being fit is a health issue and our responsibility. We understand this as a process that requires some time and is not a holy miracle, it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a lifetime commitment.

Becoming a healthy responsible individual requires time, dedication, discipline, sacrifice and lots of willpower. At the YMCA, we are here to help you and guide you in this rewarding process. We offer different programs, classes and lectures to support you in this journey. Our certified per-sonal trainers take their jobs very seriously and are committed to encouraging and motivating you in every step of the way.

So, how do we come to understand that this is a life changing process and because of that it takes time and work? How do we avoid another failure that will bring more frustration and end once and for all a never ending cycle of deception and unhealthy habits?

These are a few recommendations that will help you transform your “New Year’s Resolution” into a “New Year’s SOLUTION”:
  1. Understand that this is a lifetime change that it requires time, discipline, commitment and hard work.
  2. Ask for help! Rely on friends, family members and professionals. We all need help and support at times and there is nothing wrong with that.
  3. Set obtainable goals and work at obtaining one at a time. Setting multiple goals at the same time is the perfect formula for failure. Set one goal at a time and make it small.
  4. Learn to find satisfaction and happiness in new and healthier things and activities.
  5. Try to surround yourself with people that share similar interests and ideas.
  6. Inform yourself. Information is power! Learn as much as you can about nutrition and fitness.
  7. Keep moving.
Ask any of our YMCA of Montclair Certified Personal Trainers for help in keeping you motivated and focused on your “New Year’s SOLUTION”

By: Lisy Espindola, Cerified Personal Trainer


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February 4, 2018
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