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Combat Cybercrime with ‘3 Es of Cybersecurity’

Submitted by Nick Ilacqua from Team Logic IT. While massive data breaches at large organizations grab headlines, small- to midsize businesses (SMBs) have become an increasingly popular target for cybercrooks. How can you, as an SMB technology leader, cope with this crime wave?

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Women Need to Vote

Women voting

Submitted by United Way of Newark. Gender equity in America is linked to women exercising their right to vote. Big decisions are made by members of office that may hold seats for several years so don’t forget to make a plan and get out and vote.

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How Social Isolation Affects Your Health

Submitted by Damalie Namale from Forerunner Counseling. Many of us experienced social isolation during the pandemic. For the majority of us life has returned to normal. But for others, social isolation didn’t go away which can affect them mentally, emotionally, and/or physically.

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How To Age Well – Tips for Active Aging

Submitted by Lily DiMattia from Bayada. Simple leisure activities like walking and gardening can make a big difference for seniors’ mental and physical health, energy and endurance, and life expectancy.

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Teenage Acne: It’s More Than Skin Deep

Submitted by: Anne Cioffi
Owner, Integrative Skin Center. Being a teenager isn’t easy. Besides the stressors of keeping up with their grades, sports, exams, and peers, the hormonal changes in their bodies can cause acne, which everyone can see!

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A Fresh Look At Differentiation Strategy

Differentiation Strategy

Establishing and maintaining an effective differentiation strategy can be challenging for new businesses as well as long-established enterprises. Differentiation strategies can be difficult to pinpoint and sustain over the long term.

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