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Delegation Will Set You Free

By Donna Miller | September 20, 2019 |
Delegation will set you free

We can’t stress this enough: You can’t do it alone. If you’re uneasy about letting go, it’s OK. Just chip away little by little until you’ve built that confidence. And if you need to get through a couple of assistants until you find the right one, that’s OK, too. This is a working relationship for the both of you and should be mutually beneficial.

3 Top Phishing Scams and How to Catch Them

By Joe Higgins | September 19, 2019 |
Top Phishing Scams

Employees continue to be the weakest link in your cybersecurity defenses. Knowing what to look for, and then imparting that knowledge through regular training, is an effective way to reduce employee-driven risk.

The next estimated tax deadline is September 16: Do you have to make a payment?

By Julia Tsoy | September 12, 2019 |

If you’re self-employed and don’t have withholding from paychecks, you probably have to make estimated tax payments. These payments must be sent to the IRS on a quarterly basis. The third 2019 estimated tax payment deadline for individuals is Monday, September 16. Even if you do have some withholding from paychecks or payments you receive, you may still have to make estimated payments if you receive other types of income such as Social Security, prizes, rent, interest, and dividends.

Give Sales What They Want

By Nina Tucker | August 30, 2019 |

Literally everything a Marketing department does is intended to facilitate sales. Therefore, the goal of any marketing department is to work towards setting up the sales team for success: generating brand awareness and inquiries, motivating high potential leads, and nurturing prospects until they are ready buy.

Challenges of Living with Diabetes

By System Administrator | August 22, 2019 |

Living with diabetes can be a struggle to say the least. There’s the increasing stigmatization of having diabetes. Feelings of guilt or shame can lead to anxiety or even depression about having diabetes. Some people, despite well-meaning intentions, are quick to judge and state the obvious: stop drinking soda. Don’t eat fast food. Reduce your sugar intake.

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