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From Stressed to Refreshed

From Stressed to Relaxation

Submitted by Integrated Care Concepts. Try out this 61 point meditation for relaxation that draws on the science of the veda’s and the marma points of the body.

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Leading, Not Just Managing, IT Change

Submitted by; Nick Ilacqua
TeamLogic IT. As companies work toward 2022, they need to cope with the rapid evolution of IT requirements for the post-pandemic world. And the matter extends beyond technical proficiency to leadership savvy.

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How To Successfully Enter New Markets

Steps in new market launch

As the economy recovers from the pandemic, a surprising number of businesses are planning on entering new markets. Following these steps will ensure a successful expansion.

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Having “The Talk” With Mom and Dad

Talk with Mom and Dad

Having “The Talk” With Mom and Dad Michael Daniels Jul 26, 2021 It’s funny how life has a way of going full circle.  When I was a child, mom and dad sat me down for a talk about “the birds and the bees.” Fortunately, my parents and I survived that experience relatively unscathed.  Fast forward…

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