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Meet Me In Montclair


"Meet Me In Montclair" is a fictional video series that highlights the town of Montclair and local businesses.

How "Meet Me In Montclair" Works

Anyone who participates pays a "sponsorship" fee to have your business featured in one of the episodes.  Episodes (12-15 planned) will be posted on social media.

Tanya Lashley, the advertising professional who is putting this together recently did the same thing for Millburn.  A trailer for that series can be seen here:  Official Trailer: Meet Me in Millburn

From Tanya Lashley, Founder

Hello Beautiful People of Montclair,

You are not going to believe what is coming to your incredible town. First let me back up and introduce myself.

My name is Tanya Lashley. I am a former Corporate Advertising Executive and Film Maker. I live in Short hills. I love my community and wanted to help boost our local economy so I created the first ever Townwide Sitcom if you will called “ Meet Me In Millburn.”

The Meet Me In name was given with the idea that if the show was a success, I would bring it to other towns. Well the show was a hit. We exploded. We were on the news from the second episode. One of our own sponsors called Vicinity magazine on us due to the increase in foot traffic he received.

Now we are bringing the show to the majestic town of Montclair. The show is about The town, starring the residents featuring the businesses/sponsors.

This is a web series and each episode is about 3 to 4 mins long. “Meet Me In Montclair” follows the story of Lauren who is moving from the small town of Fluthers Tennessee with a population of 456 to the big bustling town of Montclair, New Jersey. We follow Lauren through out her journey of getting acclimated to her new town and home. The sitcom is an anecdotal comedy.

This is a community show so if you all would like to appear in an episode or become a cast member, do not hesitate to join in the fun. Please let me know. This includes everyone including adults, kids and family pets.

Also if you have any light and funny stories about famous landmarks in Montclair, please reach out to me. Please message me or email me at

PS: If you do not have acting experience, that is fine. The only requirement is to have fun. The perks of the show is getting to experience the amazing products and services of local businesses and becoming local celebrities. 📽️

For businesses, there are still a few sponsorship opportunities available. Please reach out at the above email address.

Thank you Montclair. I can not wait to work with you.
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