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Don’t Stop the Presses! Print is a Valuable, Recyclable Marketing Tool


Holly Kaplansky

Mar 29, 2019

“Go paperless, go green” is a common theme to encourage the switch from print to digital marketing and communications. However, paper is more ‘green’ than you might think. It is also a very effective marketing tool when compared with digital media.

Paper is highly recyclable. Paper is recycled more than any other material. Recycled paper is manufactured into other products like cardboard and corrugated boxes, office paper, greeting cards, paper towels and tissues, and magazines and newspapers.

Paper recycling is good for the environment. Paper recycling reuses a renewable resource that seizes carbon and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Paper and paperboard recovery reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products.  Each year, forests in North America grow significantly more wood than is harvested. They are a renewable resource that is continuously replenished using sustainable forest management.

Energy used for papermaking is renewable. Roughly two-thirds of the energy used by North American pulp and paper mills is self-generated using renewable biomass in combination with heat and power systems. The paper industry uses more renewable energy than any other industrial sector.

Digital marketing has its own environmental impacts: Use of non-renewable resources, energy consumption and e-waste. Because of its obsolescence, a low percentage of computers, tablets and cell phones are recycled and the materials they are made of have a negative impact on the environment.

Print marketing grabs attention. Among the sea of emails and messaging, print makes you stand out, and also delivers better sales results. Integrating print marketing into your overall marketing strategy will improve outcomes for all your efforts.

When responsibly produced, used and recycled, print is a sustainable, effective way to promote your products and services.  The results are outstanding too! Be sure to incorporate print marketing into your marketing plan.

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