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Director’s Corner, May 2020

By Eric Francais | May 23, 2020 |

by Amiee Idan We’ve had an eventful month of programs focused on adapting to the pandemic’s impact. We’ve heard our experts advise on how to care for the elderly, maneuver through employment law, recognize when it’s time to consult a therapist, updated everyone on COVID-19 financial packages, and sharpened our sales skills; all with an…

Handling Day-to-Day Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Robert Ciampi | May 21, 2020 |
Managing Stress During COVID-19 Crisis

As we all too painfully know, the Coronavirus pandemic has dominated the news and has altered our lives for more than two months now. This ubiquitous problem has been all encompassing with worry, fear, and anxiety at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts and feelings.

Business Growth in the Pandemic

By Donna Miller | May 15, 2020 |
Business Growth during the pandemic

The foundational activities and tools that you use to start and grow your business, and the tools that we’ve used to help thousands of companies start and grow have not changed. You still have to make sure, and maybe you need to revisit your mission, values, vision, your core messaging, those are things that now is a great time to revisit those. So here is my multi-step “how-to” guide so you can achieve business growth during this pandemic.

Reality to the Road to Your Goals

By crose_chuckrose | May 7, 2020 |
Road to Goal Achievement

There is no understating the total human impact of coronavirus, recent market volatility and the economic pause that we are currently experiencing. Cognitive biases may be holding you back from achieving goals.

Financial Balance and Creating a Real-Life Budget

By System Administrator | April 30, 2020 |

By taking these steps to organize and optimize our finances anyone can make a big difference in how we feel and behave around our money.

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