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Reduce the Risk of Travel-Related Hacks

Cyber Risks When Traveling

Joe Higgins

Jun 26, 2019

When employees hit the road, the threat of a data breach becomes their unwanted traveling companion. Devices and information are particularly vulnerable in airports, where public Wi-Fi networks are often unencrypted, improperly configured, or altogether phony. There’s also some risk from lounge and terminal device-charging stations, which crooks can outfit with hidden data skimmers; hotel rooms and lobbies obviously pose many of these same threats.

Consider these precautions to keep travelers and data safe: create a Wi-Fi use-policy and urge workers to refrain from joining public networks; provide access to a secure VPN (virtual private network); issue travel-only devices secured with multiple layers of protection; and finally, advise vacationing staffers to leave work computers behind.

The highest-risk airports? San Diego International, John Wayne-Orange County, and Houston’s Wm. P. Hobby, according to a new Coronet study.

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