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When You Can’t Get Away

Work Life Balance

Donna Miller

Aug 15, 2019

We are, and always have been, strong advocates for work-life balance. And that means taking vacations. However, we know the ebbs and flows that come with owning a business. And we understand that sometimes jet-setting across the globe for a relaxing getaway sometimes just isn’t possible in the moment.

But that doesn’t mean you let the sun shine on without you. Here are some great ways that you can put your non-vacation vacation time to good use:

Write Down Your Goals

It’s hard to be honest with yourself sometimes. But we can’t better ourselves without honesty. Goal setting is a useful tool because you can look back on what you were able to accomplish. And, more importantly…what you weren’t. It’s OK if you didn’t get to everything you had planned. If they didn’t happen this year, there’s no reason why they won’t next year. Which brings us to…

Spend Time Exploring

Didn’t get a vacation this year because of time? Funds? Lack of planning? There will always be a million reasons not to do something, but if you start planning ahead of time, it makes the decision to do it a lot easier. Pick a place, keep an eye on ticket prices, and explore all the reasons why it will work.

Change Your Surroundings

On those impossibly beautiful days, rather than feeling guilty for staying inside and wasting a day of sunshine, fine someplace new to work. Even if only for a couple hours. A restaurant on the beach to catch up on some emails, a trendy café on your town’s main street. Heck, even just sitting outside on the porch can work in a pinch. Get yourself into the sunlight.


Love that fresh-clean feeling? Well, so does your mind when it comes to your workspace. Now’s the time to throw out the clutter and to make room for all things new and wonderful. Studies prove that a tidy desk helps boosts productivity. And who doesn’t love that?

Get Organized

What better way to capitalize on a decluttered workspace than to get organized! Organization is key to productivity. Whether it’s your desk, your computer files, your schedule, or even your own headspace, organization is one of the common-denominators of success. There are many ways to incorporate organization into your business, so take time to find out what works best for you.

It’s reported that nearly 50% of Americans don’t take their vacation time. We can’t stress this enough: time away to decompress is so, so important. It’s during those re-energizing moments when your mind makes room to invite the “next big thing.” Without time away to refocus and allow your mind to settle, you will be forever lost in the nuance.

It takes effort to plan vacations, and it takes effort to ensure your business can function while you’re away. That’s where we come in. If it’s been too long since you’ve spent time away, let us help you figure out the best plan of action to get your business humming without you. You’ll be glad you did.

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