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Four Reasons Why Free Websites Are a Waste of Time and Effort


Feb 13, 2020

Maybe you registered a domain name with GoDaddy or Network Solutions and saw a tempting offer for a low cost or free website building tool.  Or saw an eye-catching ad for a free Squarespace or WIX site.

Claims of “Free,” “Easy,” “Stylish templates” are very tempting.  But here’s my advice why you should run for the hills from these offers and not because SamsonMedia builds websites.  Actually, it IS because we create websites that I can offer the following insights as to why these offers are not what they are cracked up to be.


1.  Can’t Move Them:  This is the main reason these hosting companies offer free site building tools because it marries you to their hosting platform.  Good for them but not so much for you if you ever decide to move your site to another server.  Sorry.  Your site was made on that hosting company’s proprietary platform and it’s going to stay there.  These sites are not transferable because they’re not really made with open-source web design coding and conventions.

2.  Can’t SEO Them:  Want to add search engine optimization features to generate more search engine traffic?  Good luck with that, too.  Yes, they’ll offer you the basic META tag fields for adding titles, descriptions and keywords but try adding ALT tags and renaming image files and you’ll find you can’t.  Don’t know what an ALT tag or META tag is?  They’re counting on it.

3.  Can’t Use Third Party Tools:  Want to add a cool new widget event calendar or embed a Facebook widget or social media sharing button from a third party service.  Uh…no.  The Internet is an amazing place for free and low cost plugins and widgets that can add exceptional functionality to your website as your needs expand, especially if you’re using a hosted WordPress solution.  With these proprietary sites you’re stuck using only the limited tools they offer in their tool boxes.

4.  Can’t Talk to a Human Being:  Have questions or need suggestions on layout, what to include (or not to include)?  Have a question about basic SEO or social media integration?  Sorry.  The main reason that these DIY sites like Squarespace, WIX, etc. are so inexpensive is because there is not a human being in the equation.  Paying actual people costs actual money.  Yes, we not only have real expert designers and programmers working to build your site but you can actually call us and (get ready for it)….we’ll answer the phone and speak to you (or call you back if we’re on with another client).  Seriously.  Try it:   Look, we get it.  Building an effective website has challenges.  You have questions.  We have answers.


If these four reasons are not enough to make you see the light also consider the time it will take to assemble your website on your own.  And while you’re at it, are you aware of the rules of usability, copywriting, color wheels and calls to action?  The value that we bring to website development is beyond question to those who “get it.”  And it’s my job to present the process with so much value that our role as developers is unquestionable.  But years ago when we started the business, prospective web clients would sometimes ask why they need us to build a site when they can do it themselves.  “You don’t,” I say.  Feel free to do it yourself.  But what I held myself back from saying is “Yeah, and while you’re at it, change your own oil, cut your own hair and that drip in the upstairs sink needs some tending to.”  Have fun!

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