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Your Spark Plug: Free Tools and Assessments to Restart Your Business

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Jul 23, 2020

Submitted By Kelly Louro, C3Workplace.

Owning a business is like riding a roller coaster – there are high highs, low lows, and sometimes you get flipped upside down and spun around before you realize what happened. Either you lean into the motion and find the thrill in the moment, or your head spins and all the loose change drops from your pockets.

As fulfilling as it can be, being a business owner comes with a lot of uncertainty. Case in point: our current situation. A global pandemic forced us to hit the pause button, freezing us in place to watch time pass with uncertainty. It is frustrating, yes – but it’s not the end.

As stuck as we feel, this is the moment to find your spark plug and figure out how you’ll restart your business and come back stronger than before.

Our top priority is always finding ways to lend a hand to business owners, so we’ve compiled a few free tools and assessments to help you prepare for your big comeback:

Assessing your Foundation

No matter how long you’ve been in business, it’s important to get a clear picture on where you’re doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement. Take a few minutes to do an Operational Assessment and you can better understand your challenges and get personalized advice on how to deal with them to improve the value of your business. This assessment is a great starting point that will provide the insight you need to come back strong. Check it out here: 24 Point Operational Assessment

Honing your Skillset

There’s a saying we love – if you can’t acquire the skillthen hire the skill. There are so many facets of running a business that it is just not possible to be an expert in all of them. The first hurdle is finding the time, and the second is finding the resources. We can help you with both. If you’re looking to acquire new skills, there are introductory trainings available for the following programs:

And if you’d prefer to guard your time and focus on driving business, then you can always consider outsourcing your harder tasks to the professionals.

Business Boot Camp

Starting a business can feel like the “wild west” at times; it’s a new frontier that starts out a bit unstructured and lawless because yes, most people are making it up as they go along. Truth is, there isn’t always a one-size fits all blueprint for starting and running a business. If you started a little rough around the edges – that’s normal. However, now that you’ve established yourself, polish is necessary for viability and survival. Tapping into an expert mind is always a great first step, and there are two free resources that offer just that:

Keeping the Connection

It’s been difficult being confined to our homes and sacrificing our social needs, but necessary. And though we all miss being able to go where we want when we want, our human need for socializing should never be ignored. There are still ways to stay connected with people you know, and even meet people you don’t. Whether the goal is to learn something new or to meet someone new, there are a ton of virtual events you should consider attending.

This is, and has been, a difficult time for so many people, but we truly believe it’s only through our decisions and actions that we’ll wake up to a better tomorrow. Working on your business and getting it ready to make the world a better place is what fulfills us as professionals. That’s the life of a small business owner. So let’s try our hardest to make the best of a bad situation, together.

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