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Leading, Not Just Managing, IT Change

Oct 7, 2021

Nick Ilacqua
TeamLogic IT
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Roseland, NJ 07068

According to the global technology trade association CompTIA, eight of 10 organizations surveyed believe an “IT skills gap” affects at least one area of their business, such as productivity or customer service.

“As IT strategy plays into overall business strategy more and more, an investment in tech talent is an investment in your business goals,” argues a CompTIA blog post.

This issue is critical as companies work toward 2022, coping with the rapid evolution of IT requirements for the post-pandemic world. And the matter extends beyond technical proficiency to leadership savvy.

“Transitioning from a manager to an executive is a process that requires awareness, reflection and insight,” writes CIO magazine columnist John Edwards. So, Edwards interviewed executives from several companies, discerning the best traits for leading technology change.

Here are those we find most powerful:Visionary: Leaders who can envision the tech solutions for next month, next quarter and next year all at once spark enthusiasm and engagement for creating them.
Empathetic: During implementations, leaders should remember digital transformation is about humans, not hardware or software, and to keep an ear trained to the concerns of not only the team installing the technology, but the customers, colleagues and partners using it.

Collaborative: Leaders who can build teams from resources inside and outside the organization accelerate success.

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