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In-Home Caregivers Provide Invaluable Benefits to Seniors and their Families

Homewatch CareGivers Professional with Client

Dec 15, 2023

Submitted by:
Randi Brokman, MSW, Director of Community Outreach and Client Care
Homewatch CareGivers South Orange

The senior population is growing, and seniors are living longer, well into their 90s.  As they age, however, activities of daily living become increasingly difficult, or they may feel unsafe as they require assistance.  Family members become concerned about their loved one continuing to live alone.  Many seniors voice their preference to stay in the comfort of their own homes where services and surroundings are familiar.  Hiring a live-in caregiver could provide the assistance needed and peace of mind for family members.

Senior Safety is the number one responsibility of a live-in caregiver.  The aide is there to watch over their client’s health and ensure timely response to physical or cognitive changes.  They are the ever-present eyes and ears for the family, homecare agency, and healthcare providers. They provide medication management, ensuring meds are taken correctly.  By being there, they can create a safe environment, help avoid emergencies, and react quickly if an emergency occurs.

Physical Care. Personalized services meet the unique needs and wishes of each senior and follow a care plan prepared by the supervising nurse.  Assistance with bathing, grooming, and dressing are performed in accordance with the ability of the senior while maintaining and respecting their independence. Meal plans and cooking reflect the specific needs and preferences of the senior. This support ensures that the senior's living environment remains clean, organized, and comfortable, reducing stress and enhancing safety within the home.

Companionship. It is difficult to forget the loneliness and stress created by Covid isolation. With a live-in caregiver, your loved one is never alone.  The aide provides emotional support and interaction through meaningful conversations, going for walks, doing errands, and participating in pleasurable activities together in and outside the home.  Live-in aides often become trusted companions and friends, as well as part of the family, enhancing overall quality of life.

Family Support. As their senior loved one shows signs of needing care, family members step in, which creates stress as they try to juggle their families’ needs, employment, and their own health.  This is where a caregiver can provide daily care, allowing family members respite to focus on their responsibilities, and their own well-being and maintain good quality family relationships.

Homewatch CareGivers’ certified, live-in home health aides are supervised by a dedicated Care Team, including a nurse and social worker who are there to support families coping with the stress of new or increased needs and provide resources to help them manage and address their challenges. For more information about live-in or hourly in-home care, call (973)810-0110 or email Randi Brokman at for more information.

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