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Why Your Business Needs Annual Cyber Check-Ups

Cyber Check up

Apr 18, 2024

Submitted by:
John Fretz, Partner
155 Pompton Ave, St 107, Verona
Phone: (973) 295-5570

In today’s global landscape, individuals increasingly prioritize their health and well-being, embracing innovative methods such as health-tracking apps and wearable devices. Similarly, proactive cyber security measures have become imperative amidst growing concerns over cyber threats.

Here at eMDTec, we take cybersecurity checkups very seriously. Just as one has an annual checkup for their personal health, business owners must ensure annual cyber security checkups are in place.

How often should businesses check their cyber security?

  • Minimum cyber checkups should be annual.
  • If your business has compliance requirements, it should be checked monthly or quarterly.
  • If you utilize a managed service provider (MSP) such as eMDTec, your IT support provider is expected to conduct the tests on your behalf. We advise ensuring they adhere to best practices and requesting reports for verification.
  • If your infrastructure or software undergoes frequent changes, is intricate, or is a high-profile target for attacks, such as an online retailer, it’s advisable to conduct checks monthly.

Even when working with an IT-managed service provider (MSP), it’s essential not to assume that security checks are being conducted at the appropriate frequency. You should receive detailed reports indicating what was scanned, any identified issues, and the steps to address them.

Additionally, your MSP should schedule regular meetings with you. During these sessions, your account manager should provide updates on security enhancements and their rationale. Regrettably, many companies realized later that these crucial steps were not being taken despite their assumptions.

In conclusion, as individuals prioritize their health with innovative technology, businesses must prioritize cyber security in today’s digital landscape. At eMDTec, we emphasize the importance of cyber security checkups, mirroring the concept of annual health checkups.

By taking these steps, businesses can safeguard their digital assets effectively and mitigate potential cyber threats, ensuring long-term resilience in an increasingly complex cyber landscape.

Reach out to us today to schedule your cyber checkup!

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