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Hydration Tips

Submitted by Fyzical of West Caldwell. How much water you need for hydration is very individual, and depends on a variety of factors.

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My Dog Died, and This Happened

Submitted by Gene Sower, Founder of Samson Media. Genuine and personalized expressions of gratitude are essential to building strong client relationships. Tailor your gestures for each client and maintain consistent communication to strengthen the bond over time.

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Small Business Finance Tips

Submitted by Michelle Hagen, C3Workplace. Small business finance involves managing your company’s finances, tracking expenses, and making financial decisions that help you grow and expand.

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The Sounds of Nature Are Good For Your Health

Submitted by Scott Lemly, Hearing Life, Roseland. A recent study showed there are significant health benefits from hearing the sounds of nature. People who experience the sounds of nature felt decreased pain, lower stress, enhanced mood and improved cognitive performance.

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Social Work Breaks Barriers

Submitted by: Randi Brokman, Director of Community Outreach & Client Care, Homewatch CareGivers of South Orange. Social Work Month is a time to celebrate the great profession of social work and how the profession helps people overcome hurdles that prevent them from thriving.

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