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The Power of Print in a Digital Age

Submitted by Proforma Repromatic. While digital marketing offers convenience and speed, it can sometimes be overwhelming. In contrast, print marketing, such as physical mail pieces, provides a tangible and focused approach that demands attention.

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How To Sell Pepsi to Coke Customers

Submitted by Gene Sower of Samson Media. Check out this powerful method of reaching new clients & customers where they already shop. Target consumer behavior and show hyper-relevant online ads based on the location of the user.

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Your Business Website Needs to Do More Than Look Good

There are many factors that create a good functional website. Your website’s point is to showcase to prospects that you are the best company for them and how you either solve their problems or enhance their life with your product or service. When creating your business website, you need an open-source content management system (CMS), clear and concise messaging, and an easy to navigate website.

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Marketing Your Business After Covid – 5 Free Things You Can Do Now

If you are a business owner that has persevered through the hot mess called 2020 so far, I know you are watching those hard-earned dollars even more closely than before – and rightfully so. BUT, how are you supposed to market your business with a limited budget? Luckily living in the digital age, there are some digital marketing techniques you can invest your time into to help you grow your business locally:

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Marketing is All About Generating and Nurturing Leads

Lead generation marketing

If your business is not doing some level of lead generation marketing, you are missing out on opportunities to grow your business. All businesses need customers to grow. To do this, they need to market to potential customers to gain their attention. This is where lead generation marketing comes into play.

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