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The Power of Print in a Digital Age

Submitted by Proforma Repromatic. While digital marketing offers convenience and speed, it can sometimes be overwhelming. In contrast, print marketing, such as physical mail pieces, provides a tangible and focused approach that demands attention.

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Creating a Path to Sales

Path to sales

What you don’t want to hear is “I don’t know your company,” “I’m not familiar with your company’s products,” or “What is it you want to sell me?”

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Taking Stock and Moving Forward

As the hubbub of the holidays subsides, use the space that opens up to breathe, reflect, take stock of the path you’ve been on, and set an intention around how to approach your personal and professional lives in 2022.

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How To Successfully Enter New Markets

Steps in new market launch

As the economy recovers from the pandemic, a surprising number of businesses are planning on entering new markets. Following these steps will ensure a successful expansion.

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Help Businesses By Promoting Vaccinations

Open for business

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and 36 local and regional chambers throughout the state (North Essex Chamber being one of them) are urging employers to host on-site vaccine clinics for their employees and their families.

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Grow Your Business By Listening More

The value of feedback – positive and negative – is what bubbles up to the top. Patterns may emerge, or you may discover that your customers’ perceptions differ from how your company sees itself.

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We’ve Always Been Here

Throughout the pandemic, the North Essex Chamber of Commerce has been here for our members, actively supporting and engaging with the business community.

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The Difference Between Content Marketing and Advertising

With the continuing growth of platforms to share information, what is now called content marketing has grown exponentially. What distinguishes content marketing from advertising is the content, the target and audience involvement.

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5 Often-Seen Pitfalls When Writing Blogs


A poorly written blog limits the value that it delivers to its readers, ultimately losing their interest. There are a few things I have come across that keep blogs from being great engaging pieces of writing. Avoid these content mistakes when you prepare your next blog.

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2020 Year-end Message from the President

As the years change, the best thing we can all do is to be here for each other. We may not be able to connect in person, but we can be available to one another, share experiences and help each other.

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