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My Word for 2022: (re)Connect and 3 Steps to Turn That into Strategy

My word for 2022 reconnect

Jan 13, 2022

Submitted by Donna Miller
Founder of C3Workplace
26 Park Street, Ste 2000, Montclair
973 783 7900

What a s#!t show the last two years have been – or not?  We’ve pivoted, we’ve PPP’d, we’re a tad Zoomed out.  We’ve reimagined holiday and family gatherings (it hurts a tiny bit to write that).  We’ve limited travel (that hurts a LOT) and we’ve watched way too much Netflix (Tiger king? come on people!).   We gained a few pounds (could be all that Netflix?).

BUT, the challenge AND the gift of all this is that we now value connection even more – or I sure hope we do.   My belief in humanity is that we have learned what we were supposed to from the pandemic because there is always a lesson in the challenge.  However, my life experience tells me most people won’t change or learn.

Or perhaps the pandemic has let our inner cynics come out to play? I’m eager to be proven wrong.

Now, those of you who follow me know that I am a values-driven servant leader.   It didn’t start out intentional, but once I saw the power, it became very strategic. The thing about getting clear on your values and living them out loud is that they are always relevant despite cultural or economic changes.  They stand the test of time.

And, speaking of time, almost 10 years ago we rebranded to C3 which stands for Connect, Collaborate, Community.  It’s still relevant and will be 20 years from now as well —  it won’t be automated, it won’t be replaced by artificial intelligence, it won’t be offshored – it will still be what we seek most in life: business + personal → HUMAN Connection

So my theme for 2022 isn’t actually new, but it’s 100% relevant: (re)Connection.  (Re) connection as a business strategy, as a leadership strategy; as a mom, a nana, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a Christian.

We cannot fix this broken world but we can get up every day and commit to making the world a better place by connecting:

  • Make the phone call
  • Write someone a note
  • Connect On Social media (and NOT with arguments, which shouldn’t need to be said but needs to be said)
  • Have lunch
  • Plan gatherings

And since I ‘am a Business Growth Consultant – here’s how changing the world by connecting converts to a 3 step business strategy:

  1. Make a list of who do you need to (re) connect with

Clients, referral sources, lost clients or prospects, centers of influence, former colleagues, coaches, people you follow on Social media.

  1. Block time

If you’re not using calendar blocking – let’s talk.  Calendar blocking is a business superpower – it’s how we “get s#!t done” 🙂

  1. Pick up the damn phone & just do it

‘Nuf Said?  Maybe not.  Allow me to hammer this home.

Yes, these are “sales” calls and I know that phone feels like it weighs a thousand pounds.  But your goal is not actual to SELL, your goal is to make a CONNECTION.  Approach it with the goal of seeing how can you help them. This is servant leadership people and it can change the world.  Perhaps you can connect them with someone or something they need.

Bottom line – you reconnect and help them to reconnect.  Are you seeing where this is going?  You helping them helps you and ultimately changes lives because it really does have a ripple effect.  You cannot help anyone without also helping yourself. How great is that?

Now take your game up a step and add a SMART goal:  I will (re)connect with 10 people each week … that 520 people per year.  Game-changing for your business and your life and your contribution to the world.

So, let’s reconnect in 2022- I’d love to jump on a call to see how I can help you – click here to book.  Or, keep an eye on our event calendar and join us for business-building webinars, sales & marketing roundtables, or one of our Think Tanks.

Here’s to an amazing year – because you will make it so 😊

Donna Miller is a Business Growth Consultant and Chief Visionary Officer at C3Workplace.  She and her team have helped literally thousands of companies to start and grow.  She has an innate ability to help you focus on what will drive your business forward and produce massive results.  Enjoy this Thrive Global interview of Donna for a peek behind the curtain and some great business growth advice.

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