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What First Impression Are You Making?

online first impressions

Jan 27, 2022

Submitted by Nina Tucker
Founder, Noesis Marketing LLC

It takes a split second for a visitor to form an impression about a brand based on a website, social media presence, or any online appearance. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could control the first impressions others have of us and our business with every new interaction? In today’s digital world a first impression often reaches your audience before any personal interaction may take place. Potential customers evaluate you and your brand based on what they see online.

It takes a split second for a visitor to form an impression about a brand based on a website, social media presence, or any online appearance. Creating a great first impression relies on demonstrating professionalism, being seen as an authority, and establishing trustworthiness. Make sure you are doing just that by addressing these areas.

Creative assets - Images, video, and other creative assets provide an emotional connection. It is important that they are high quality and reflect your brand in the manner you would like. A polished logo, high-quality images (including headshots), and well-thought-out videos are a few examples.

Website - A website is an important piece of your online branding and is often where the first impression is made. Ensuring this online space represents your brand positively is important. Make sure it is engaging, well-organized, easy to navigate, speedy, and mobile-friendly.

Social Media – Ensure that social media profiles are consistent with your brand image by including your brand logo in your profile, by using your brand name in your profile URL, by posting engaging and relevant content, and by using custom images that showcase your brand.

Content - An excellent way to make a good first impression online is to convey your brand’s credibility and authority in your industry through relevant content. The more credible your potential customers perceive your brand a few seconds into the first interaction, the more likely they will trust your brand, and buy from you.

Social Proof – It can be challenging to make a positive first impression with audiences who know nothing about your brand. Social proof, such as customer reviews, recommendations, and ratings, helps new audiences form positive impressions quickly.

Imagine the power behind managing the perceptions others have of you or your business. It pays to take a fresh look at your online presence to be sure that a great first impression is being made.

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