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How To Collaborate For Growth

teamwork and collaboration

Submitted by Kelly Louro at C3Workplace. We’ve found success in reaching out and building strategic partnerships, and want to help you do the same. Learn to collaborate for growth by taking a good hard look inward:What does your company excel at? What’s your culture? Where are the gaps?

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Work Smarter…Not Harder

I grew up with the message “work hard and you can achieve anything”. That programming had me connecting my output with my value. And that, my friends, is simply not true. I continue to immerse myself in that which helps me to work smarter NOT harder. Here are three tips and strategies that work for me.

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Keeping All the Balls in the Air

Owning a business is a juggling act

Being a small business owner is a juggling act. They play the role of customer service, CFO, CEO, the sales team, head of personnel, and more. Try these tactics to manage all these roles.

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So You’ve Hired an Assistant or Want to…Now What?

No man (or business owner) is an island. You can’t do it alone. And you shouldn’t. If you need to get through a couple of assistants until you find the right one, that’s OK. This is a working relationship for the both of you and should be mutually beneficial.

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Marketing Your Business After Covid – 5 Free Things You Can Do Now

If you are a business owner that has persevered through the hot mess called 2020 so far, I know you are watching those hard-earned dollars even more closely than before – and rightfully so. BUT, how are you supposed to market your business with a limited budget? Luckily living in the digital age, there are some digital marketing techniques you can invest your time into to help you grow your business locally:

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