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7 Daily Tasks You Need to Delegate

Considering that first step toward optimizing your workday but are unsure where to start? Delegating tasks to an assistant is the best way to streamline your workload, get professional quality work and efficiency, and up level your business and image.

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Work Smarter…Not Harder

I grew up with the message “work hard and you can achieve anything”. That programming had me connecting my output with my value. And that, my friends, is simply not true. I continue to immerse myself in that which helps me to work smarter NOT harder. Here are three tips and strategies that work for me.

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So You’ve Hired an Assistant or Want to…Now What?

No man (or business owner) is an island. You can’t do it alone. And you shouldn’t. If you need to get through a couple of assistants until you find the right one, that’s OK. This is a working relationship for the both of you and should be mutually beneficial.

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C3WORKPLACE OFFICE SPACE & MEETING SPACE: JUST AWARDED SAFESPACE™ ACCREDIDATION Donna Miller Sep 17, 2020 Montclair, NJ – At C3Workplace your safety is of the upmost importance. Our staff makes every effort to ensure our guest are able to be productive and successful in the safest environment that we can provide. C3Workplace is excited to…

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You Always Have Power

Recent power outages come on the heels of (and in the middle of) us already feeling a little powerless over what’s going on in this COVID tainted world. In a world that is full of all kinds of unrest it really can be quite overwhelming.

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Business Growth in the Pandemic

Business Growth during the pandemic

The foundational activities and tools that you use to start and grow your business, and the tools that we’ve used to help thousands of companies start and grow have not changed. You still have to make sure, and maybe you need to revisit your mission, values, vision, your core messaging, those are things that now is a great time to revisit those. So here is my multi-step “how-to” guide so you can achieve business growth during this pandemic.

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Need Help Staying Accountable?


We’d like to help you stay accountable to the biggest goals you have on your list for 2020. Here are 7 tips for keeping a sharp focus on what matters to you most.

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Let Go to Grow

Donna Miller discusses how you need to “Let Go to Grow.” C3Workplace has helped thousands of companies to start and grow, and the key component is delegating to allow yourself to grow. See what Donna’s top 10 points are, and how they may be EXACTLY what YOU need to hear today.

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